30 Days of Lists Blog Hop: Meet the Blogger Behind My Life as a Teacup

september 30 days of lists

september 30 days of lists
If you pop by My Life as a Teacup on any given day, you’ll be greeted with lists up to your eyeballs. Come by in March or September and your list intake will double — 30 Days of Lists rules my brain in those months, and I look forward to jazzing up the lists I make on a daily basis for the challenge (because let’s face it, usually my lists end up on twelve different sticky notes across my monitor, and it’s nice to make them pretty for a change).

While it’s not quite time for September’s round of #30Lists, the ambassadors and ladies behind the challenge have invited everyone to take part in a blog hop with the prompts of the March 2011 round! With so many new readers, I figured this would be a good time to re-introduce myself and tell you a little bit about the Teacup.

Without further ado…

september 30 days of lists

A few things about myself:

  1. Currently, I’m a teacher by day, blogger by night. Teaching English — literature, writing, you name it — excites me and I get to put my organizational skills to use, too (though, at outward glance, it probably doesn’t look like I’m the most organized; believe me, I know where everything is, though!). I tend to make references to The Avengers/Star Wars/Pokémon/etc. in my PowerPoint slides, because really, a presentation is worlds better with superheroes/spaceships in it.
  2. If I could, I would go back and get my English Literature degree all over again. They were some of the most challenge, rigorous, thought-provoking classes I’ve ever taken, and I saw myself grow as a writer, researcher, and intellectual like never before. As an undergraduate, I didn’t necessarily have to choose a period as my department was more focused on a smattering of different eras of literature, but I tended to hover around the general realms of British Literature, William Blake, Gothic/Victorian Literature. And did I mention William Blake?
  3. I hold my pens strangely enough that everyone who sees me comments on it. It ends up looking like a fist with the pen tucked into my pinky. I’ve only seen two other people hold a pen like this, and while I don’t quite understand why we do it, I have to say, I’ve got neat and controlled handwriting. I even won a handwriting award in elementary school for it. Take that, teachers who gave me countless pencil grips to correct it!
  4. I am a morning person, through and through. While getting out of bed isn’t necessarily easy, I’m at my best and most productive before 11:30am. I’m organized, making and breezing through to do lists (which is a whole other story; I’m a planner to the point of being incredibly stressed and unable to function if I don’t), dreaming up my best ideas, and implementing things like a boss.
  5. It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite novel. I blame this on the fact that, as a child, I couldn’t pick a favorite stuffed animal because I didn’t want to hurt the others’ feelings. But really, I find it so hard to deem any book my all-time favorite because I have favorites for so many categories! Some books are well-written, some are just a story I can get lost in, others depict a rich fantasy world I’d love to live in, and a handful resonate poignantly. Don’t ask me to choose.
  6. That said, I have a scar on my hand from a book. A hard-cover textbook from 8th grade, to be exact. But how many people can say they were in a fight with knowledge and knowledge won?
  7. I’m a recovering dancer. And by recovering I mean that even though I don’t dance anymore, every time I have enough space I’m tempted to jeté across the room. I habitually stand in third position, even fifth or first at times, and that usually alerts other dancers in the vicinity that I am one of them. It’s an addiction; I can’t shake it. And frankly, standing that way is comfortable, though it seems to look unnatural to non-dancer folk. This is, in fact, how I met my best friend.
  8. Hockey is in my blood. I grew up in Pittsburgh surrounded by a grandfather, father, mother, uncles, aunts, and cousins who all play/watch/referee hockey. I’ve road tripped with a friend to see hockey games. I’ve stood in line in the freezing winter months for student rush tickets. I’ve been whisked onto the ice as a kid by the Penguins’ mascot, Iceburgh. I’ve played in family holiday pick-up games. I’ve had embarrassing moments where I’ve cried during the playoffs. In fact, it’s hard to hang out with me during playoff season unless you craft outings around hockey games. I try to keep the simultaneous emotions/rantiness in check here on the blog (Twitter is really the culprit), but I can’t make promises. Especially during the playoffs.
  9. I was nominated “most artistic” in my high school yearbook. I don’t think I’ve done anything artistic since graduation, but I did paint my dad’s Father’s Day gift last year. I’ve missed painting, and am trying to do it more these days.
  10. I lived in Japan for three months back in college while I was studying Japanese as my second major. I keep meaning to write about it more on the blog, as it was such a huge part of my life, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I always loved and had a knack for foreign languages, and fell in love with Japanese early on. I wanted to study it, even if only for personal reasons, and was elated when I had the chance to go. I stayed in Hakodate (a small town on Hokkaido) and immersed myself in family life, local festivals, taiko, trains, sightseeing, and a whole manner of other things. But my favorite part? Just getting to do things like a local would, like visiting the local bakery, taking the bus to school, and going to the konbini. Whenever I travel, I hate feeling like a tourist, and getting to “live” in the country I love is one of the things I look back on most fondly.

And a bonus: I’m confident I could live on cheese alone. Is there anything that cheese isn’t good on/with? I didn’t think so.

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september 30 days of lists

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I’m an ambassador and affiliate for 30 Days of Lists, but having participated in the list every year since its initial iteration, it’s safe to say that I’m 110% behind this challenge! If you like being crafty or making lists, I think you’ll enjoy it too!