Link Love


This week’s links are a light load since I’ve been in non-stop picnic mode with the 4th of July just yesterday. Hope your Independence Day was a splendid one, fellow Americans!

♥ Did you ever wonder why you have your best ideas in the shower?
Yale offers a class that is cross-listed between Physics and Theatre Arts
♥ Sailor Moon Crystal premiered yesterday (head over to Crunchyroll to watch it!), but this article from A.V. Club takes a look at how the original Sailor Moon anime was sanitized – and made much less interesting
11 Books to Feed Your Wanderlust
Einstein’s reply to a female fan’s confession should be in every science textbook. I clap for you, Albert Einstein, for being awesome.
21 Reasons Summer 1999 Was the Most Magical Time for Music (oh, nonsensical LFO!)
Everything I Needed To Know About Life I Learned From Han Solo
This BuzzFeed “quiz” was making its rounds this weekend, and I laughed endlessly. Most of the men listed aren’t my style/I have no idea who some are, but even if you made a Ewan McGregor/Alan Rickman/Benedict Cumberbatch version, food would still probably prevail. Idris Elba or bacon!? How am I supposed to choose!?

I’m not a Michael Bay fan, though my film knowledge isn’t much. This is a pretty good explanation of his technique though (and largely, why I don’t like it).
Sonya, this one’s for you! 

What fun links have you found this week?