Link Love


♥ How adorable is this beach bag DIY from Bookworms in Dresses? If only I had time before vacation…
Joss Whedon Brings Back Firefly (as a doodle). STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!
Thanks to Chocolate & Cream Cake for passing along this Illustrated A-to-Z of Unusual Words. I feel like many of us could get some use out of “scripturient”
Reader’s Guilt: I suffer from the malady in many of its forms
♥ I somehow wrangled a month with a personal trainer, and I have a feeling my relationship with cheesy carbs is coming to an end. Imagine how excited I was to hear that my favorite fitness blogger, Cassey Ho of Blogilates, was hosting Quest’s “Cooking Clean” series with loads of healthy dessert recipes. I may part with my macaroni & cheese, but I refuse to give up my dessert.
10 Things We Learned About Rainbow Rowell at her Landline Reading
♥ Mia Moore totally nailed it with her latest cosplay – Daenerys Targaryen
♥ In London this summer? Have a seat on one of the city’s many book bench sculptures! Have a seat on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Don’t mind if I do! (Also: Mary Poppins!)
Why can’t I just watch the movie instead of reading the book?
Biographile is featuring a summer series called ‘That Summer‘, featuring stories and memoirs on the season by writers like Margaret Atwood and Emma Straub (which is making me want to write my own memoir/Penumbra-y codex vitae)
♥ The Princess Type, for Good or Ill is a nice exploration of the progress and shortcomings of the princess genre. I’m conflicted myself, having grown up in Disney’s second wave of princesses in the 90s; as much as I have nostalgia for the genre, the pros and cons present an interesting look at what princesses stand for and the problems they face.
♥ Hello Nature shares her top 5 business + blogging productivity tools (I’ve been using DayMap this weekend and am turning into quite a fan!)
♥ What to do when you have too many ideas
♥ I have a habit of hanging on to things forever, and never using them. Exhibit A: cool Project Life cards. I want to save my favorite just in case the perfect opportunity comes to use it. But Sarah of Yes & Yes reminded me why you shouldn’t save the good stuff.
9 of the Greatest Cats in Literature
♥ With all of the books, movies, and television shows to keep up with, we’ve all probably had something spoiled for us at one point or another. Never fear – Dorkly has laid out a step-by-step plan for avoiding spoilers
♥ Don’t avoid your troubles, rather turn toward the problem

What links have you discovered lately?