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Readers are the best people to fall in love with. Science says so.
The difference between acrylics and oil paints for those new to painting. Honestly, which I personally favor depends on how patient a mood I’m in!
15 Words and Phrases You’re Probably Saying Incorrectly (I hear some of these way too often!)
♥ The Barnes & Noble blog has put together a definitive list of books for all vacation occasions and wow, what a list!
Your choices are not the only right ones.
♥ In honor of Batman Day, here are 10 Reasons Batman is the Perfect Book Nerd
♥ Did you ever wonder what WordPress theme a site is running? Fear no more – What WordPress Theme is That? saves the day.
Pedro Pascal and a Sailor Moon wand. Be still my heart.
♥ Xandra of Fashionably Light has launched her very own school for heroines! Live your life & be your own heroine
What YOU can learn about social media from DKNY’s PR girl
♥ A thoughtful piece on feminism and expressing your own opinions: Women who are ambivalent about women against women against feminism
♥ I’m fascinated by the French perspective on books.
♥ We’ve been talking about the social aspects of reading in the Novel Tea Book Club this week, and with Fangirl on the horizon, this look at reading as a social activity fits right in.
Speaking of new ways of reading, another story takes to social media; David Mitchell is tweeting a short story. I’m always intrigued by new mediums, especially those rooted in technology (even if I wasn’t a fan of Cloud Atlas or number9dream)
If Book Nerds Ruled The World (Three! And Five! And Eight! And Twelve! ALL OF THEM YESSS!)
♥ I still can’t justify services like Oyster or Amazon’s new unlimited Kindle service, but this article brings up another side of the discussion: Libraries are not a Netflix for books
Can Full-Time Bloggers Live Off Of Rainbows & Hugs?
♥ And in response to the above article: Are bloggers who make money sell-outs? What do you think? Do sponsored posts and the like irk you?

Find any fun links this week?