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May the Fourth be with you! I’m drinking my morning coffee from my Star Wars mug today, in honor of the holiday!

♥ I’ve always preferred taking notes for class by hand versus on a laptop, but it’s been shown that students actually do better on tests when they take notes by hand. Having to be selective in what I write down has its perks when it comes time to study later.
The Periodic Table of Story Tropes
♥ In honor of Free Comic Book Day this weekend, here are 21 Comic Book Challenges You Won’t Believe
♥ 6 Bookstore Sections That Should Exist
♥ Would you go to a cafe with no laptops, and no wi-fi?
Why PA is the most linguistically rich state in the country
♥ Alexis offered up a nice consideration of Oyster, the new subscription book service. I’m still on the fence about my feelings for it (ultimately, I think there are still some major things that need addressed, but that’s just me). Will you be signing up for Oyster? On that note, you can enter to win a year subscription to Oyster here.
Permission to fail
♥ Kaylanaut has compiled some of her favorite Mac OS X apps and I think I’ll be doing some downloading today…
Why you should love yourself now
♥ A live stream of Earth from the International Space Station.
6 Great Middle Grade Books By Authors You Already Love. You’re right Barnes & Noble; I do already love these authors. And now need to read these books. So I can recommend them to my middle schoolers!
Do women undermine themselves with punctuation?
♥ 10 Skills to Develop Your Senior Year of College. I would argue that these are skills you should strive to develop, no matter your age or position in life.
♥ If you missed Lemon and Raspberry’s webinar on developing pillar content, never fear! You can catch it again on May 15th.
How to learn a language (when you’re an adult)
♥ Ever wish you could just call mulligan on your day? Here are some tips on how to restart a bad/annoying/unproductive day.
♥ 30 Conversation Topics to Kickstart Your Speaking Confidence, because sometimes, figuring out what to say amidst new situations and new people is hard.
♥ 10 Simple Networking Commandments

Emma Stone may be my favorite person ever. She is killing it, lately!
Oh ketchup, who knew you were so complicated!

What fun links have you found this week?