Link Love


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there!

♥ This article on What I’m (Trying To) Teach My Kids compiles a lot of great advice that parents are teaching their kids right now to prepare them for the future.
♥ 5 Tips for Staying On Top of Finals
♥ This past week I talked about where I like to write. If you’re still looking for your perfect writing spot, check out these 5 Places to Write (and how they can boost your creative process)
Rappers, ranked by the size of their vocabulary
♥ 6 Degrees of (Literary) Separation – what a cool idea!
♥ A Tale of Two Schools
A Mother’s Day reading list from Oxford World’s Classics; they may not all be model mothers, but they certainly are memorable!
♥ Batman’s traumatic origins
♥ I always enjoy Jack White’s musical endeavors, and his latest LP has some pretty interesting surprises!

I have some reservations about “Gotham” still, but I’m kind of excited for it…

What fun links have you found this week?