Link Love


♥ Important news: Sailor Moon starts streaming tomorrow on hulu! Even Stars! Cue the flailing!
How to Be Sharp, Eloquent + Witty – On Command!
Different things inspire different people, and while I inherently know what I look to, it’s nice to hear about where others, like In-Aeternum, draw their inspiration from.
Star Wars & the Commodification of Nostalgia. Is it any surprise that 80s cartoon-turned-movies and reboots are aplenty?
♥ Neil Gaiman’s stories are some of my favorites, especially when read aloud. Hear Neil himself read The Graveyard Book, chapter by chapter!
Superheroes in nature
♥ You may have heard of a capsule wardrobe, but what about capsule loungewear? I’m all for it!
Can’t tell if you’re reading a Gothic novel? Well, now you know, in infographic form, of course.
The Ulysses Bucket List is an amazing story and amazing challenge. Will you give it a go?
2,000 Years of London’s Historical Development Animated in 7 Minutes
Dracula’s castle is for sale. If I hit the lottery…
♥ I grew up being told to never complain that I was “bored”. There was always something to do, and if not, I was encouraged to create it! If you’re having some trouble, here are 25 Things to Do When You’re “Bored”
♥ A Timeline of the Batmobile
The greatest quotes from action movies, grammatically diagrammed
What To Do With Your Life (a guide for anyone, really)

What fun links have you found this week?