Link Love


You’re never too old to do something amazing
♥ I wasn’t in Japan in the springtime, so I never got to see sakura season firsthand, but hello sandwich’s photos of the Nakameguro and Daizawa Nature Walk sakura are simply breathtaking!
The Real Life Inspiration Behind Some of the Best Comic Book Villains – who knew you could create a mastermind villain by eating an ice cream sundae!
♥ 26 Types of English Majors (I was quite a few of these at various stages in my college career)
♥ Twenty-something list posts rule the web right now, and while most are subjective and whimsically condense life into a series of bullet points, Jess’s personal list of 25 lessons she’s learned on her journey to 25 is touching, and really resonates in a genuine way
The easiest, most oddly effective content you can create
♥ If you loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier too, or are looking for an entry point into the comics, check out Like this/Read that – Captain America: The Winter Soldier edition
How poetry can help your fiction
♥ There are plenty of goal-setting strategies out there, but how about the 9 Stages of Goal Setting?
Paying off $80K of student loans on a $30K salary. Please grant me this diligence.
♥ April Fool’s may be past, but these 10 of Fiction’s Finest Tricksters are still probably working mischief.
♥ There are plenty of controversies, contentions, and opinions about YA, what makes it popular, and it’s literary (and cultural) merit these days. Here’s Michelle Dean on YA: A Response
♥ Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan are BFFs and took amazing photos together in NYC. Can I please be your best friend too?

What fun links have you found this week?