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I woke up yesterday morning to a blank white screen on my laptop, and spent the subsequent hours driving all over creation to get my Macbook to the computer doctors. It’s currently getting mailed out to be fixed (video card issues, apparently), so my responses to emails/comments/etc. might be slow coming, but I’ll do my best!

This four word phrase might change your life
♥ Tough love time: 3 Reasons Why You Will Never Finish That Project
♥ Looking for even more uses for Evernote? Here are 12 surprising ways to use Evernote that you might not have considered!
Understanding Curves in Photoshop
♥ How cool would it be to live in a converted schoolhouse!?
Garbage in, garbage out – what are you filtering out of your life? I’m starting with baby steps and getting rid of some books on my “to read” list and clearing out things like my closet and my iTunes library
♥ This classic literature travel guide has me itching to visit the real-life scenery from some of my favorite novels!
The Mind Trick That Will Change the Way You Write Cover Letters Forever
♥ And while we’re chatting about resumes, are you looking to make yours stand out from the crowd? Take these 5 Ways Your Resume Is Just Like Everyone Else’s and make your resume make a statement instead!
In defense of deadlines
♥ I’m all for the advocating of happiness, but like to keep things realistic too – 5 Big Happiness Myths Debunked (and the power of negative thinking)
5 Reasons to Eat Dinner Alone
♥ What works to create action? Try the habit action list.
♥ I’m often called upon by my mother for tech support, and while being “on call” can sometimes be frustrating, I try to keep these things in mind when providing parental tech support

What fun links have you found this week?