Venus Snap: Smoothness On the Go

venus snap legs

venus snap legs
For a girl who constantly catches missed hairs on her kneecap the moment she gets in the car, the Venus Snap is my new must-have accessory. Here’s me, stepping into my car after work, getting ready for a networking event with a blog friend or a dinner date and, I kid you not – every time I sit down at the wheel, the sunlight/planets align and I can see all the little hairs I missed when shaving.

venus snap

Usually I spend the rest of the evening crossing my legs to hide missed patches, or with my purse on my lap in an attempt to shield my Chewbacca legs from view. But now I can whip out my Venus Snap to get rid of those missed hairs in a flash!

The Venus Snap is like having a full-fledged Venus razor at your beck and call. It comes with a Venus Embrace blade and a cute compact case that makes it easy to toss in your purse (without accidentally shredding your fingernails when you’re digging through your bag in search of it), your car, your gym bag – you name it! The easy-to-grip mini-handle makes using the Venus Snap a breeze, and with a water-activated ribbon, I can get a smooth shave just by drizzling the remnants of my water bottle over the razor head.

Ta-da! Instant smoothness!

venus snap venus snap
I keep mine in my car, just because it still acts as my second home; I can only imagine my 8-hour days stuck on campus with this little guy, and undergraduate me would’ve loved being able to touch up from a hasty shave while waiting for my next class to start (no one else may be able to tell, but I know and it kills me! Not to mention, makes you feel kind of uncomfortable for the next few hours).

And did I mention you can snag your own Venus Snap mini-razor at Target for instant smoothness on the go? Reason number #117 why I can’t walk into one without blowing an entire week’s pay. Productively, of course. Target really is the blogger mothership.

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