Need to Focus? Try This!

30lists when i need to focus
Happy Tuesday!

It’s March, and you know what that means – 30 Days of Lists is in full swing! I’m hosting today’s prompt and couldn’t be more excited because Day 11’s topic is right up my alley.

I may be the Queen of Focus, but there are some days when I’d rather do anything but get to work. While I used to feel guilty about my procrastination, I’ve learned to go with it. That doesn’t mean procrastinating is magically okay, but I’ve learned to embrace the days when I don’t radiate energy and enthusiasm and instead of forcing it, do one little thing to redirect my putting-off and get back to work. It’s amazing how the simplest of things, like moving to a different room, can change your concentration.

You can get my full thoughts on today’s list prompt, as well as access to all 30 prompts (and quite the amazing Facebook community, if I do say so myself) at the 30 Days of Lists website. It’s not too late to join the listing extravaganza!

30lists march

*I am a #30Lists ambassador, and do receive a small amount in exchange for every registration through the links I promote, however, I live for this creative challenge every year and think you’ll fall in love with it too!