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♥ Don’t get me wrong, I love JLaw, but this essay on Jennifer Lawrence and the History of ‘Cool Girls’ shines some light on how the ‘cool girl’ image emerged over the years.
5 Reasons You Should Speak Up (Even When You Think You Shouldn’t)
♥ I’m completely blown away by this portrait of me that Kayly of My Open Sketchbook drew as part of her Blogger series!
♥ A call on 20-somethings
♥ While it may sound oxymoronic (yet, not really), the busy person’s guide to reducing stress offers some simple ideas for making your day less stressful
♥ On that note: meditate!
Kayaker finds 110-year old ghost ship in the Ohio River. I have yet to find a ghost ship while kayaking. Maybe this year…
♥ Academia is a strange and stressful place, and I know plenty of students and PhD candidates who are affected by mental health issues. This piece on the culture of acceptance around mental health issues in academia really resonates.
18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently
♥ If you’re on the hunt for a new job, don’t forget to organize your search! Did you know that Excel is your best friend while job hunting?
♥ It’s Women’s History Month! Apply an appropriately themed critical lens to your reading with the help of ruKristin’s Feminist Theory Reader (Literature majors, bookmark this ASAP!)
How to be awesomer – yes!
♥ I may enjoy wearing glasses, but not everyone does. And while they have their downfalls (glasses + rollercoasters = no), Kate highlights the perks of wearing glasses.
♥ 10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon
Get through the March doldrums with Mia Moore’s March activity guide
♥ I’m a re-reader, but while there are plenty of unread books on my bookshelf, I have to wonder, why is rereading such a joy?
What I’ve learned as a writer
Whether you’re new to blogging or a veteran blogger yourself, these tips from veteran bloggers as they reflect on mistakes made in their early days is a goldmine of blogging advice!
♥ Liked my Batman for Beginners primer? Check out some more comic book resources on Superheroesque: Girls Don’t Read Comics (Obviously)

What interesting links have you found lately?