Link Love


♥ See the ratings of your favorite television shows in graph form!
♥ How to Succeed at Public Speaking
♥ In a rut? Break through that creative block
♥ I’ve been playing a lot of new board games lately, and Mia’s post has inspired me to add some more to my board games to play list!
The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy
♥ I’m in love with these classic books as brooches
Why we need liberal arts
♥ Sometimes you just need to start over
17 Everyday Words You Just Might Be Mispronouncing
The best pickup methods in Victorian Literature. Oh, Victorian lit…
♥ The Barnes & Noble blog has been on a roll this week, and I enjoyed their revisions of 20 classic novels so kids can relate
♥ 19 Tiny Things You Can Do To Make the World a (Slightly) Better Place
Breaking up with a book is completely acceptable sometimes
♥ Wouldn’t it be nice to fly like these vintage airplane promos depict?
19 Hard Things You Need To Do To Be Successful
♥ Kate shared her #projectselflove list last week, and reminded me to think about the things I love about myself!
An open letter to English majors
♥ Have you heard about the Awesome Ladies Project?
♥ I loved Allison and tWitch on SYTYCD and their wedding seems like it was adorable/amazing/fabulous!
23 Signs You’ve Read Too Many Jane Austen Novels – yep.
♥ A physical metaphor for the Kindle

What fun links have you found this week?