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On needing silence – I find myself craving silence most days too; a big change from a few years ago.
Organization Tips for Bloggers
♥ I can’t believe we’ve been in our new house for a year now! As exciting as moving was, I don’t know if I’d want to go through the process of moving again anytime soon, though with Kate’s helpful tips for moving, I might be okay with it.
How does a word make it into the dictionary?
Ways to find calm in a busy girl’s day (and, in case you hadn’t heard, Xandra just released her ebook on living minimally, which is worth a read!)
♥ In Aeternum’s Porcelain Doll-themed photoshoot is positively dreamy!
♥ I’ve always admired wig stylists’ ability to get wigs to do ridiculous things. Enter cosplay. Mia Moore has a great guide to styling a wig. Aaand part 2!
♥ Kirsten Learns shares how she overcomes social anxiety
7 Hints for Finding Fantastic Books to Read
♥ I may have given my Filofax a break this year, but Alexis has some stellar Filofax Organization Tips
Navigating the Post-Grad Job Search
♥ This is one quote that has really stuck with me recently…
♥ Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out this week! Here’s the history of the term “Winter Soldier” and why Ed Brubaker used the term in Captain America
Captain America’s to-do list from The Winter Soldier made me giggle and now I really can’t wait for the movie.
♥ I would like a science-themed afternoon tea, please!

What fun links have you found this week?