Digital Detox: (Literally) Cleaning Your Tech

macbook iPhone nintendo

macbook iPhone nintendo
Last month we talked about how to organize your photos so that they’re uniform and easy to find on your device. Today’s topic may seem like we’re backtracking a bit, but cleaning the inside of your computer is no good if the outside is grimy and gross.

I don’t know about you, but my keyboard is pretty funky. As is the screen on just about every device I own, full of fingerprints and remnants of foundation from pressing my phone to my face. Whenever I notice dirt and grime starting to build up on my tech, I whip out my go-to tools to have them looking good as new!

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – It’s amazing what this thing will clean. I’m pretty sure I’ve used it on every surface imaginable! When it comes to tech though, I use a magic eraser on my keyboard to get all the grossness off of the keys and shine up the outside.
  • OXO Good Grips Electronics Cleaning Brush – Great for getting the heavy stuff out from in between your keys pre-magic eraser, this silicone, two-sided brush gets in most tricky corners. I swear I don’t eat cookies at my computer…
  • Monster iClean – My Mac’s screen was caked with, well, I don’t even know what. Those little cloth wipes, awesome as they are, weren’t cutting it anymore, and I’m terrified to use any kind of cleaner on my screen that’s not specifically for it, so I don’t run the risk of ruining it. So I added a bottle of iClean to my Amazon order one day and was pleased to find that it cleared all of the gunk right off of my screen! Huzzah!

More than just making the outside shiny, I like to make sure my MacBook Pro is running at tip-top shape. I’ve been using CleanMyMac 2 to get rid of old files and clean up the inside of my computer for a few years now, and love how easy it makes maintaining the health of my computer.

While there is a free trial of CleanMyMac 2, I splurged for the full version to make managing computer clean ups a breeze. The program scans your computer for excessively large files, completely removes apps and extensions that need uninstalling, and makes your computer generally awesome. And you have full control over what stays and what goes. It’s unearthed files I forgot even existed, and helped me clean out my overflowing iPhoto Library’s trash bin (talk about organizing your photos!).

Don’t forget to run a backup before you start fiddling around with anything on your device! I try to run a backup at least once a month (which doesn’t always happen, but in an ideal world…)
Next month: managing your documents and organizing your files!

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How do you keep your tech running smoothly?