#StylishSundays at Swank Hair Studio

Swank Hair Studio #stylishsundays

Swank Hair Studio Pittsburgh
Last month, Alex of Pretty Living PR reached out to me with an opportunity that sounded just dreamy. Each month, Swank Hair Studio hosts an event called #StylishSundays, which brings together local vendors for a beauty bash that covers everything from hair, makeup, jewelry, and clothing. And desserts – very important! Swank runs some pretty amazing deals on just about everything as well (half price blowouts, deals on color, cuts, and brow waxing – you name it!), and I couldn’t say no to checking out the local scene.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how terrible I am at being a girl, but let me refresh your memory: it was only – oh, four years ago? – that I learned how to actually put on blush like a real adult. And when asked “What kind of brush do you use?” my usual answer is a dumbfounded expression that reads: “There’s more than one kind?”. As much as I like looking nice and getting dolled up, I’m terrible at actually doing it myself. So I jumped on Alex’s invitation to get a professional blowout at Swank Hair Studio in Lawrenceville.

(Also, sidenote: when I was a girl, for whatever inexplicable reason thought that I could “curl” my hair with what I today found out is called a round brush. 7 year-old me wasn’t nearly as skilled as Sam, my stylist, is, so I ended up with a hairbrush tangled in my hair and sticking out the side. This might be one reason why I don’t really mess with my hair…)

bella christiez cakepopsSwank Hair Studio Pittsburgh
Within minutes of arriving, Alex greeted me with a hug and introduced me to Sam, my stylist, who whisked me off to the sink to get shampooing. Has anyone else noticed how amazing professional shampoos feel? The difference between the chore of a regular shower washing and the spa-like treatment of a pro is incredible.

Same got to blow drying, brushing, rolling, and spritzing and in no time, my hair had transformed!

I couldn’t be happier with how my hair turned out! Who knew that just a good shampoo and a blow dry (with a round brush that Sam did not get stuck in my hair) could turn my stick-straight locks into a flippy, volume-filled mythical being. I felt like a jazzed up version of me, but still me – which is important!

And then I ate a glittery cake pop to celebrate my new ‘do.

Swank Hair Studio #stylishsundays
Swank Hair Studio Pittsburgh
I ducked into a tiny cafe on my way back to my car for a celebratory coffee. It was full of grouchy, grumpy looking hipsters. Needless to say, those cafe-goers were not nearly as chipper and friendly as the ladies at Swank. Boo on you, cafe.

You can follow @SwankHairPgh on Instagram and Twitter for cut and color inspiration, as well as all of the latest deals (and let me tell you, Swank always has a special going on, it seems!). If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, book an appointment (tell them Kristin sent you!) and make any day of the week stylish!

The ladies at Swank treated me to a complementary #BloggerBlowout in exchange for a review, however all opinions remain my own.