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The 20 Most Pittsburgh Things That Ever Happened. I love my city.
♥ Who knew xkcd answered hypothetical questions with science! Did you ever wonder what would happened if we dumped all the world’s tea into the Great Lakes?
7 Reasons To Be Happy Even If Things Aren’t Perfect Now
♥ Sometimes procrastinating gets the best of me, but I find myself doing this more times than not: How to turn procrastination into an advantage
Does writing a book review spoil the reading experience? Discuss! I’ve often found myself asking questions like these, as well as questions like “does reading a book for a class spoil the reading experience?”
Literary city travel guides, for the wanderlust-stricken bookworm in us all
If you’ve run out of Jane Austen novels to read, Dragonflight Dreams has you covered with a listing of Austen spin-offs and adaptations
♥ I knew some of these already, but that doesn’t mean these 14 Features You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone won’t come in handy
♥ I love Bill Murray. He did an AMA. ‘Nuff said.
♥ Photography tips for shooting in low light
How to help people who are suffering or grieving – some great advice
♥ Pen & paper correspondence may be on the decline, but etiquette is still important! Here are Lewis Carroll’s 8 Still-Relevant Rules for Letter-Writing
♥ Nagano Toyokazu’s photographs of his daughter are magical and absolutely delightful!
♥ A map of how much snow it typically takes to cancel school in the U.S. – I feel like there have been tons of snow days this year!
♥ Thor 2 spoiler: Chris Evans makes an appearance. But then this one time Tom Hiddleston dressed as Cap and it’s kind of hilarious (and by kind of I mean really).
♥ 1920s-30s London isn’t my specialty, but I love learning about the historical time period a la watching Downton Abbey with a historian
♥ These honest company slogans had me rolling. So true
♥ 9 of the most knockout last lines in literature


What fun links have you found this week?