Link Love


For some reason, I forgot that I had saved a bunch of fun links in Pocket last week, instead of my usual Evernote folder, which resulted in a fairly light batch of links last week. The good news is: I remembered – hooray! – and that means even more links coming your way today!

The real reason we pass judgement on other people’s taste in books – agree? Disagree?
♥ Ditch your devices and unplug: the complete printable guide
♥ I have this inexplicable love for Canada. The Winter Olympics aren’t making this any better: 10 Ways Canada Has Already Won the Winter Olympics
♥ Procrastinators, listen up: procrastination is a mindfulness problem
The Colbert Book Club on Ernest Hemingway.
I swear I’ll stop talking about the latest Harry Potter news, but this piece on Where Do Books Go After They End? hits on my feelings about the epilogue and all of this unnecessary love triangle business pretty spot on. And kudos for the Paradise Lost as fanfic comment. I feel a new thesis coming on…
♥ The OED strikes again! Historical Slang We Love from the Oxford English Dictionary
This is what a librarian looks like.
♥ As if Post-It notes could get any better.
♥ Fiction vs. Literature – discuss! I find the distinction kind of murky myself…
♥ Ever feel conscious about what people are thinking about you?
#SixWordPaperTitle might be my favorite thing, up there with lolmythesis
♥ This never gets old: superheroes and their part-time jobs (namely, Batman)
How electronic publishing is changing academia for the better
♥ Join October June and The Modern Austen for Blog Talk! Newbie or old hat, there’s a lot of good stuff here!
Kids read to sheltered cats – how adorable is this?
The shortest and most accurate history of the world you’ll ever read. Oh, Reddit.
♥ Brain Pickings is one of my favorite new email subscriptions, and their piece on The Psychology of Trust in Life, Learning, and Love is fascinating
♥ Such simple ideas, but I need to do more of these: 10 Ways to Support an Author
A treasury of rare and weird Star Wars posters from around the world
♥ I want to applaud these guys for creating awesome Lego Literature scenes
The Great Language Game is kind of addictive.
♥ I’m not normally a fan of short stories, but this guide to 6 Short Story Collections For Ultra Specific Moods might make things more tempting

What fun links have you found this week?