Link Love


♥ Words of wisdom, featuring my word of choice for 2014: A Quick Guide to Living in the Now
Thor is the new Superman
How to Be Productive (Even In Your PJs) – now we’re talkin’!
♥ Chin up! How your greatest failure is leading you towards even greater success
5 easy ways to build trust with your readers
♥ It’s no secret I love my hometown. Here are 25 amazing photos of the Steel City from the early 1900s
♥ Speaking of Pittsburgh, did you ever wonder how Pittsburghese (hear my horrid accent! Well, it’s not too bad…) got started, and how it’s grown to be such a powerful symbol of identity?
Discovered after 70 years: A Stunning, Untouched, WWII Era Paris Apartment. Such a beautiful time capsule!
Why I quit Google Analytics. A must-read for bloggers.
♥ Bloggers: Stop Hatin’. Alexandra Franzen talks blogger smack talk.
♥ Sonya wrote an introduction to comics! I’m excited to pick up more single issues now…
♥ Fuji is introducing a portable Instax printer that lets you print photos from your smartphone!
The High School Cafeteria Guide to Choosing Your Yoga Class. With so many options, this somewhat humourously tries to identify the different yoga practices.
♥ My favorite find of the week: lol my thesis, a Tumblr that showcases hilarious attempts to sum up years of academic work in one sentence. This is how I’ve spent most of my time this week.

What links are you loving lately?