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♥ Remember: the bad days don’t define you
How To Tell If You Are In a Bronte Novel
♥ The amazing Kyla Roma is at it again! 5 Actions You Can Take Today To Get More Done and Start Having More Fun (yes please!)
♥ Xandra of Fashionably Light and Caroline of Sparkles and Crumbs teamed up to create a podcast about what you bring to the tea party – essentials for the modern heroine. Episode 1 of FabulosiTEA has been sitting in my Pocket queue for an embarrassingly long amount of time, but I finally listened to it the other day and am in LOVE! These ladies make it feel like you’re truly out for a chat over a cup of tea and it’s delightful!
23 Reasonable Things Every Person Should Resolve To Do In the New Year
♥ I don’t often reflect on my own reading habits, but The Perpetual Page Turner wrote a wonderful piece on how unemployment has changed my life as a reader.
♥ Did somebody say long-lost Mary Shelley letters!?
♥ The original Alice in Wonderland manuscript, handwritten and illustrated by Lewis Carroll himself!
♥ An article on commercial grammar blunders and the low grammatical standard
10 Things to Avoid For a Happier 2014
♥ My comic book education continues, and yours can too! A comic about how to talk about comics
Cut-rate Jane Austen reviews the good, bad, and the ugly Jane Austen retellings
Why Working Hard May Not Pay Off: It’s not about working hard or working more, but working efficiently. (seriously, read this if you read one article this week!)
♥ A round-up of the best and most popular words of 2013
The curious story of London’s first coffee houses


What links are you loving lately?