Judge a Book By Its Cover: Favorite Cover Art

favorite book covers
favorite book covers
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Sometimes I find myself perusing the shelves at the library or bookstore and a certain colorful, whimsical cover catches my eye. Either the colors, the artwork, the daintiness of the illustrations – something compels me to pick up that book.

Think about it. What draws you to a book? What makes you even want to pick it up to read the back cover?

Aside from being a book you’re already privy to, or one form a familiar author, you’re probably drawn to how the book presents itself. What type of story is the cover conveying? Is it an adventure? Something fantastical? Is it a bold, graphic cover that says READ ME?

I’ll admit, sometimes picking up a book based on the cover art alone isn’t a wise decision. There are books that look so charming at first glance, only to reveal themselves as droning and dull upon further reading. I’m attracted to pretty covers, so sue me. Even covers that are out of the ordinary intrigue me (a map cover!? Awesome!), but might not always be a good read. But when it does work out? When the cover creates the sense of adventure and excitement found on the pages within? Jackpot.

What book covers do you absolutely adore? Does the cover speak for the story inside?