Spread Some Holiday Cheer: The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing

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From December 9-20th, More Love Letters is embarking on their annual holiday 12 Days of Love Letter Writing campaign to spread love and holiday cheer to those in need. A love letter doesn’t need to be a romantic gushing of your undying love for someone, or even need to be beautifully articulate. Sometimes all it takes are some words of encouragement, a moment to pause and say “You are worth it”. A simple handwritten of letter can change someone’s world.

I’m not the world’s best letter writer, nor am I wonderful at expressing sentiment, but today I’m writing a letter for Emma, and I’d love it if you joined me in writing a letter of love and encouragement to her as well!
handwritten letter
Bundle Recipient: Emma

Emma’s mother wrote us this request and now we are passing it along to you amazing people! She writes: “Emma is traveling through the teenage years and is finding herself struggling with the usual suspects of acceptance, body image, relationships, parents, siblings, and school success. After an amazing first year of high school, Emma is finding herself floundering and her usual coping mechanisms are not working, so she has engaged in some less positive coping mechanisms. Emma is a dedicated competitive swimmer and an awesome volunteer swim coach to young swimmers. Emma loves music. She is a writer with two NaNoWriMo novels under her young belt. She needs to know how important she is to her family, her friends, and her swimmers. She needs to know these trials of the teenage years are not permanent and she will make it through. She needs love.” Pick up your favorite stationary and script out a letter for Emma!

Handwritten Letter
I know how trying a time high school can be, and I can’t possibly send more love and courage Emma’s way. I hope you’ll join me in sending love and inspiration to Emma!

How can you spread some holiday cheer?

1. Grab a pen, stationary, and a mug of hot cocoa and start writing!

2. Seal your letter with a kiss and warm wishes and send it (by December 20th) to the following address:

Please send all love letters to:
Emma’s bundle
c/o Laura A.
2217 Dufferin Road
Regina, SK S4S 5B5

3. Sign up to get the 12 Days of Love Letter requests delivered straight to your inbox to spread more cheer!

I’m still amazed at how much of an impact a handwritten letter can make and wish Emma nothing but magic and love.

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