On My Bookshelf: December

#30Lists On My Bookshelf

#30Lists December
The planets could not have aligned more perfectly! Not only is today time for December’s On My Bookshelf post, but I happen to be hosting today’s 30 Days of Lists prompt which happens to be…

drumroll please…

On my reading list!

#30Lists On My Bookshelf

Today is my last day of student teaching, and with the end of the semester right around the corner (Wednesday the 11th, I’m looking at you!) I’ll have ample time to read. Here are the books I’m working on and hoping to procure from the library this month, in fabulous, crafty, list form:

number9dream – The lovely Madelin Adena Smith has been on me to read this since we met back in June at The Blogcademy and I finally remembered to add it to my library list! I had mixed feelings towards Cloud Atlas, but I’m chalking that up to seeing the overly ambitious movie first.

Cold Spell – I partially chose this book because it’s December and frankly, cold (HA! See what I did there…). But after hearing good things about it from Mandy of Chocolate & Cream Cake/Forever Young Adult I felt like I needed to read it myself. Have I also mentioned that I’m a sucker for fairytale retellings? And Hans Christian Andersen?

 on my bookshelf#30Lists On My Bookshelf
Parade’s End – This one is a beast. I didn’t realize how huge it was until I picked it up from the library. I guess I should check out the page count before I place my requests… I feel like this classic will take me back to the days of my “English Estate Novels” class.

Allegiant – I enjoyed Divergent more than I thought I would, especially with all of the recent dystopian YA novel hype. Insurgent wasn’t too bad, but now I feel like I have to finish off the series regardless.

Attachments – After reading Eleanor & Park and Fangirl, I’ve been eager to read more from Rainbow Rowell. Fangirl wowed me with its simple yet poignant ending, and I’m hoping this book strikes a similar chord.

The Golem and the Jinni – I’ve had this on my list for months now and haven’t gotten to it. With winter upon us, the cover is just really calling to me. That’s reason enough to read a book sometimes, I think.

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What’s on your reading list this month?
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