Link Love


Things have finally calmed down around these parts from Christmas, but with New Year’s right around the corner, I’m sure things will be slightly more chaotic again. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is just bizarre – what are you supposed to do in that time? Catch up on a bunch of links, apparently…

♥ Dialects fascinate me, so I had to take this quiz that shows your personal dialect map as soon as I saw it. Pittsburgh was no.1 – who knew.
11 TED Talks Every 20 Something Should Watch (or, everyone, frankly)
♥ Brush up on your literary terms with these 10 figures of speech illustrated by Monty Python
Why you should major in English
♥ Japan declares an annual kanji of the year – I wonder what the “word” of the year would be here?
♥ Erin E. Flynn tackles building a portfolio when you don’t have a ton of experience under your belt

What links are you loving this week?