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What's In My Bag

Fellow blogger Alexis of Strange and Charmed were just musing about how much we adore “What’s In My Bag” posts. Something about seeing the contents of a total strangers purse, artistically strewn across the floor just delights me (and only sounds somewhat creepy). Snapshots of my purse never seem to look as classy or put together as others I’ve seen (like these extraordinary peeks: 1, 2, and 3), but that’s because I subscribe to the theory that my purse is a black hole, or at least rather Mary Poppins-ish. Things go in that are never seen again, and yet things come out that probably shouldn’t all fit into one’s bag.

With the entire list of March 2011 #30Lists prompts at my disposal, and after realizing I haven’t done a tour of my purse since the very first bout of 30 Days of Lists (read: over 2 years ago!), I figured what better time to spill the contents of my purple Coach carry-all.

What's In My Bag

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So tell me – what’s in your bag?
  • Are you telling me that you do not carry a book or e-reader?! I’m having a hard time believing that…
    Great idea by the way, I always love reading/watching these posts – satisfies my inner creep 😉