On My Bookshelf: November

november to be read books

november to be read books
Confession: I’m wickedly behind on my reading. My “to-read” list on Goodreads has legitimately reached over 450 books, and I’m currently in the middle of reading about 7 different works – from library books to classic literature, to Shakespearean plays. Needless to say, my brain’s a bit muddled at the moment.

So, rather than gush about some of the extremely interesting books that I’ve got queued up for, well, one day in the probably distant future (because then I’m sure I’d be juggling 13 books at one time!), I’m going to use the month of November to some cleaning up, and actually finish all of the books that I’ve started.

The good news for you? You get two extra book recommendations!

Anna Karenina – Oh, Russian literature. I’ve never been your biggest fan, but that’s because every time I look at you I’m reminded at just how many pages every notable work has. I started reading Anna Karenina months ago, but got deterred when I realized I was only 4% of the way through to novel after HOURS of reading. Here’s to round two.

Fangirl – After seeing Fangirl’s pretty teal cover as a part of Tumblr’s book club challenge, I was intrigued. Usually book cover first impressions are misleading, but I downloaded the Kindle sample and was instantly hooked. Somewhere along the line I got sidetracked by Rainbow Rowell’s other novel, Eleanor and Park and started reading that instead. A part of me thought I should probably read that first, since I had already put it off well past being told I’d enjoy it. Spoiler alert: I did. And now I can finish Fangirl in peace.

Henry V – I blame my wanting to re-read Henry V on seeing Poor Yorick’s performance of the play over the summer, and also the American airing of The Hollow Crown just last month. Now that Shakespeare’s on my brain, I apparently thought it appropriate to start my reading of every single Shakespeare play ever. Tallyho!

Kraken – I’ve loved China Miéville ever since I read Perdido Street Station, though we’ve had our ups and downs since then. Kraken has been on my to-read list through for some time, and it sounds delightfully weird while seeming to not be your typical Miéville-esque story. He’s just a kind of bizarre bloke and I dig that.

Batman and Son – My Batman education continues. I’ve ben getting 4-5 graphic novels from my close friend/official Batman dealer and have been powering through them. This is the last book in my third round of Batman reading, and I’m curious to see how Birth of the Demon leads up to all of this, because that arc is probably my least favorite so far. I get the 70’s James Bond feel, but I face-palmed so many times reading it that I’m hoping it pays off in a big way.

Fracture the Spider’s Web – Sarah and Vicki hooked me up with the second installment of their Monsters and Marionettes of Myth saga at the end of summer, and due to my Kindle not syncing it to my other devices, I keep forgetting I have it and when I do remember, it’s never on the device I have on hand. Boo. I’m not as far into this as I had hoped, but am enjoying picking up with the characters after Dance in Shadow and Whisper.

What books do you need to finish up? Thoughts on reading more than one book at a time?