Link Love


Which side of your brain is more dominant?
♥ I can tell who’s participating in National Novel Writing Month just by glancing at my Facebook feed. Here are 10 Signs Someone You Know is Doing NaNoWriMo, just in case you want to shoot them some motivational words of praise (or cookies!)
Star Wars Yoga. Just look. And think of Darth Vader doing Utkatasana next time you’re doing yoga.
Why creative people sometimes make no sense.
♥ Ten Penny Dreams highlights her hometown in North East England in her series “So I’m a Smoggie” and always shares the most beautiful photographs!
Thanksgiving as a kid vs. Thanksgiving as an adult. I just enjoy being able to sit at the grown-up table.
♥ I find hearing stories of life in other countries fascinating: US expat describes the best and the worst things about England
“Swellegant” and other jargon from the Jazz Age makes me wish I lived in the ’20s (even more than usual!)
10 Questions People From Pittsburgh are Tired of Answering.
♥ Have you seen Scrawny Girl Shop’s latest hipster holiday girl illustrations?
♥ You can do these small acts to show your gratitude year round: 10 Ways to Give Back (as a Blogger) This Holiday Season
Literally everyone in the world knows what you mean when you say “huh?” – who knew that it was a universally recognized syllable!

What links are you loving this week?