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♥ Methodically analyzing a book seems like a far-fetched thing to do, but by counting the occurrences of certain words and phrases, you can notice some pretty interesting patterns, like in this textual analysis of The Hunger Games
♥ A list of the 100 best novels as of 1898
♥ The month may be almost over (gasp!) but here are 6 activities to make the most of November
The Definitive Ranking of All the Turtlenecks in Love Actually. Brilliant.
30 Haruki Murakami Quotes That Will Make You See The Beauty Around You
♥ I get yelled at for being too much of a morning person all of the time. Here are 23 Signs You’re a Morning Person. We can go eat breakfast at the crack of dawn together, since everyone else is asleep.
Classic books that pass the Bechdel Test
♥ Get your reading lists ready! Amy of Ten Penny Dreams shares some book recommendations for Christmas
5 Lessons We Learned from Bill Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes
♥ It’s amazing to see just how much this city has changed, especially in these photos of Pittsburgh’s Air Pollution: 1940s vs. today
♥ If you ever have to do an interview over Skype…
10 Lessons Shared by Reality TV and Classic Literature. Who knew Duck Dynasty and Dickens had something in common.
The Perpetual Page-Turner weighs in on one of the hardest questions for bookworms to answer

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