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The degree to which technology and gadgets have infiltrated everyday life is insane. Seriously insane. Take a moment to stop and think how long it’s been since you looked up a review for a new restaurant or sent your friend a quick text.

A half an hour? A few minutes?

Just how much technology is seeping into every aspect of our lives is a different story for a different day. But no matter how many tech detoxes you partake in, you can’t deny the fact that gadgets make even the simplest tasks more efficient.

Okay, enough preaching. Point is: I really like technology. Whether we’re talking laptops or apps, technology can do some pretty neat things, like edit your photos with a click of a button, or let you talk to you friend who lives on the other side of the planet.

I’m taking a cue from Apartment Therapy today and sharing my own list of gadgets and devices that make my heart go pitter-patter:
macbook iPhone nintendo
1. Devlin Actions – For a while I had an old-as-dirt copy of Photoshop version, like, 2. Grateful, yes, but did it really do what I wanted it to? Not so much. I was fortunate to score a the updated Photoshop from my old university for a pretty rad discounted rate, and I’ve been using it ever since to stitch together blog graphics and edit photographs. Enter Lisa Devlin Photography and her fairy godmother-level actions which magically transform your photos into editorial worthy gems. Whether its Basic Pop and a little Highlight Rescue, or an action that makes more of a statement (hello-o, Camden!), Devlin Actions are my go to for photo editing.

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2. 15″ Macbook Pro – Despite not having Retina display, my 2011 model Macbook Pro is a beast. It’s almost embarrassing how glued to my side my laptop is. It probably is very embarrassing, but I’m past the point of noticing.

3. Brahmin laptop case – Toting all of this tech around is great, but how do you keep your Macbook Pro and other gadgets protected while on-the-go? Brahmin’s laptop cases are chic, shiny, and do the trick. A typical day consists of my tossing my laptop in my bag with my chargers and cables for the day, my clearances in the back pocket, papers to grade, and I still have room for little odds and ends with the pockets inside. Did I mention the inside is fuzzy and soft to protect your tech?

brahmin laptop case
iPhone wallpaper inspire
4. iPhone – I feel like listing my phone as one of my top ten gadgets is cheating, especially since I feel like I’m going on an Apple product crusade, but I can’t stress how much I love the iPhone. The features, capabilities, interface, and design just fall into line to create such a complete device that I don’t think I’ll ever change. My iPhone 5 is currently sporting Ann Marcellino’s Sailors Assemble! case, which might be another reason I’m so fond of my phone. And prettying it with patterned and adorable wallpapers? Oh yes. Design Love Fest’s Dress Your Tech is brilliant.

5. Google Drive – Everything is moving to the cloud, and there’s no one I trust more than Google. Since I already had a Gmail account (and just about every other Google-related account under the sun), it made sense to just use my Google Drive as well. Have a surprise extra hour to kill? With Google Drive I can run into the computer lab on campus and work on my paper – never mind the fact that I didn’t bring my own laptop with me that day. Coupled with the offline syncing capabilities, I have access to all of my documents, anytime, any place.

6. Evernote – Are you even surprised Evernote is on here? I sing its praises whenever I can, and I’ll do it again. Right now. Evernote’s interface on the new iOS7 looks incredible, and being able to sync between all of my devices means that I’m never without my blog drafts, grocery list, or township contact information


7. Quirky Pivot Power 6 Outlet Flexible Surge Protector Power Strip – I’m the girl with so many gadgets that I’ve run out of places to plug them into, since most plugs these days are so huge that they take up the whole outlet and won’t let you fit something else into the socket underneath! Sheesh. The Pivot power strip has six outlets that individually swivel so you can arrange your tech and plug in more than one device at a time.

8. Belkin Conserve Socket – This little guy runs on a timer so you can charge your device for either 30 min., 3, or 6 hours. I’ve been yelled at to not leave my phone and other gadgets plugged in all the time, yet it’s nice to wake up to a full charge for the day ahead. I’ll set the Belkin Conserve to about 3 hours to charge my phone overnight, and wake up to a full charge without loading up on unnecessary energy! Plus, I’m then confident that my phone won’t die in the middle of the night and my alarm will indeed go off .

9. Afterlight – Afterlight is my favorite photo editing app, period. Not only are the filters a step up from Instagram’s (and by step, I mean a very long stride), but you can rotate, crop, fix lighting and contrast, temperature, etc. Plus some of the filters are more subtle – I don’t want every picture I’ve ever taken to come out with a Lomo finish.

10. Nintendo DS Lite and Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten – I know, I know, the new Nintendo 3DS is out and while I’m dying to play Pokémon X, I just can’t part with my DS Lite. While I do have a fair share of games, the appeal of the DS Lite was that I could buy the “game” Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten to use as a Japanese dictionary to use with the DS Lite that I already had, instead of buying a specialized digital translator. The “game” isn’t really a game at all, but a dictionary that lets you look up kanji by drawing it with the stylus, which comes in handy when you don’t always know how to read the kanji you see.

favorite tech gadgets

favorite tech gadgets
What gadgets do you have a massive tech crush on?