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Why is it so hard to write about yourself? I remember having such a hard time writing about myself in one of our Blogcademy exercises. Even now, I still struggle with it. But Kam’s new ebook tackles the tough stuff!
10 Beautiful Book-Inspired Designs including a lovely bookish pendant and a bookworm tray.
♥ I’m guilty of over-thinking things, but we don’t need a reason for everything.
Thoughts on selfies. While Instagram streams that are nothing but selfies is an immediate deterrent, the selfie is still an important, er, development. I’m still not the most comfortable taking them of myself, but I’m warming up to the idea; embrace YOU! Take your own picture!
6 Reasons Why You Should Read.
Yes and Yes (one of my very favorite blogs!) shares tools for organization addicts and unapologetic daydreamers 
7 Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves. I’ve tried alphabetical and color coding, but right now my bookshelf is just a hot mess.
The Best Witches in Literature (quick! Go read Macbeth! And Good Omens! And all of these – they’re fabulous!)
♥ This animated video explores the invented languages of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek, which is just fascinating.

What links have kept you entertained lately?