zine one girl bicycle club

zine one girl bicycle club
I am a complete newbie when it comes to zines. When I first heard the word, my brain conjured up images of Judy Funnie (why her, I couldn’t quite tell you…) and chic, artsy souls who speak with a natural rhythm and make the mundane sublime through their writing. Which is fitting, because my good friend Sonya writes a zine called One-girl Bicycle Club and her writing makes her experiences come alive on the page.

I realize this sounds like a bizarre way to start a compliment – “You remind me of the animated character Doug’s beatnik older sister” – but it is in my book, trust me.

She (Sonya, not Judy Funnie) so nicely sent me the latest edition of her zine to get me acquainted, and it’s such a new experience for me!

When I first tore through the collaged envelope, I was awestruck at just how tiny a zine can be! Book-sized, if not magazine-sized had been floating around in my mind, but I was pleasantly surprised at how small, portable, and intimate Sonya’s zine was.

One-girl Bicycle Club feels like the less-business-y and more creative writing extension of a blog, and I was surprised at how much it felt like I was having a conversation with the writer herself (Sonya sent an additional, purely creative writing-based zine for me to check out as well, which solidified my love and nostalgia for reading poetry and the like)! She shares thoughts on driving (many of which I share), complimentary playlists, a recap of her trip to Chicago; there’s really so much variation in article types and formats that the zine reads like the baby of a collection of magazine articles and a personal essay, and I can get down with that.

I’m still foreign to the zine format and culture, but I’m totally intrigued! It makes me miss the kind of creative writing I did in years past, as opposed to the more “non-fiction” – if you want to call it that – and editorial type of writing I do as a blogger.

Sonya urged me to check out some other zines by just browsing Etsy, and I have to say, there are loads of beautiful looking pieces out there. I can see why she loves them so much! There are such lovely artistic gems in here, and a lot look and feel like some of the college literary magazines I’ve seen. Some of the ones that caught my eye?

1. number one: a zine of firsts 2. photomill 3. abandoned 4. these are the people in my ‘hood 5. if teas were people 6. vonnecats 7. fairy tales by theFiligree 8. in between 9. cetacean handbook

What are some of your favorite zines? Do you write any?