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25 Things That Get Harder After Age 25 (I’m not yet 25, and have been experiencing these already)
♥ These water towers turned homes are beautiful!
Vintage Vixen made a Supernatural dress, and not only is it the coolest thing in the history of ever, the photoshoot includes salt circles and pie.
♥ Some of Glamour’s 6 Things You Never Knew About Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice even had me stumped
15 things you absolutely must know about social media and your face will melt off and get eaten by goats. Speaks for itself.
Erin E. Flynn reviewed some recent business purchases for all you small biz owners out there!
5 Ways to Increase Productivity
‘Happy Break-Up To Us!’: How I’m Learning to End My Relationship on a High Note
♥ Literary retreats seem to be all the rage, but Banres & Noble shares its 5 Literary-Themed Retreats We Don’t Want to Visit. Agreed.
XKCD: Questions found in Google Autocomplete is hilarious.
♥ Need to get organized? Strange & Charmed to the rescue with a free printable calendar for 2013 for you!
♥ Amy of Lemon & Raspberry took my favorite books dilemma one step further with Literature Love. Now to brainstorm my own master list!
Websites for bibliophiles (thanks, Amanda!)
The Romantics: The Avengers of Classic Literature. This is perfect in nearly every way.
Tour the real Pennsylvanian town Silent Hill is based on! Centralia, PA is such a spooky sounding ghost town…

What fun time-wasters have you found this week?