Link Love


♥ If I manage to get dressed on a given day, I sometimes like to ditch the jeans and look, still nice, still casual, still comfortable, but in a skirt or comfy slacks. Without fail, sometone always asks “Why did you get so dressed up?”, just because I’m not in unspoken “jean” uniform. Why Dressing Up Is Not a Crime of Fashion
The Harry Potter Medicinal Re-read really makes me want to document my thoughts the next time I re-read the series!
♥ Angie shared 10 Beautiful Bedrooms on Lariats and Lavender, and they’re all stunning and dreamy, if not really intense! A boat bed? No way!
♥ These swimming cities remind me of the cities in Miéville’s The Scar
♥ More reasons to be grateful: The Thinking Habit That Changed My Life
♥ You might have heard of Hayao Miyazaki’s impending retirement (*sniffle*), but there is this really incredible Miyazaki Vine animation… I myself will always adore Spirited Away
Why Are You Blogging? Nubby Twiglet talks the purpose of blogs and what she takes away from it all. What are your thoughts?
The Lannisters Send Their Regards…from a beach somewhere. I will forever picture Cersei and Tywin vacationing together from now on xD
♥ I love looking at others’ desks too, and Design Quixotic has compiled some really beautiful, inspiring desks of design bloggers

Any fun links to add to the haul this week?