Be Creative With Just 5 Minutes a Day


I’ve felt incredible absent-minded lately. A typical day for me, from now through December, consists of waking up at five-o’clock; working a full day at the school I’m currently student teaching at; staying for conferences, meetings, and extracurricular activities; coming home to make dinner, pack my lunch for the next day, clean up around the house and run errands; plan my lessons for the next day; document materials and plan components for my certification; do schoolwork for my own classes; and some nights, if I’m feeling lucky (or just plan stupid) I even attempt to squeeze in a quick workout or yoga session, half to stay fit, half to wind down. Throw in the one night a week where I have class until ten o’clock at night, and it’s no surprise that coffee has been one of my lifelines over the past three weeks. So when I say that I’m participating in the 30 Days of Lists challenge, you probably think I’m positively insane. Where can I possibly find the time of day to commit to writing a list for a daily prompt and make it look snazzy? I signed up for the project knowing full well that I’d have a lot on my plate this month, this term even. I’ve seen a lot of creative, incredibly detailed lists in the form of decorated journals, bound books, Project Life pages, and even single Project Life cards – they’re quite amazing, and it’s clear participants are putting a lot of time and effort into their lists.

And yet why I love #30Lists isn’t necessarily the stunning pages I see; 30 Days of Lists is the perfect project for those with all the time in the world, and those with barely a minute to breathe. I’ve seen simple handwritten lists that are just as beautiful, just as stunning, from details like handwriting to just the content of the lists themselves. You don’t need heaps of time or supplies to be creative or make an incredible list. All you need is five minutes and a little brainpower and you can write something funny or moving, you can practice gratitude, you can reminisce, or even brainstorm ideas that might lead to a blog post.

As for me? I take a few moments to jot down my list on a sticky note – nothing special – and photograph it against a different patterned or textured backdrop each day.

Five minutes of creativity is all it takes.