Link Love


20 Foreign Words You Never Knew You Needed – I love these lists, and this one comes with some generous helpings of gifs, which I also love 🙂
Jes of The Militant Baker is a pretty kick ass lady, so if there’s anyone I trust for tips on How to Kick Ass on a Daily Basis, it’s her!
♥ I think I might be making my cat a Companion Cube for Christmas…
Belle Solo. YESSSS. I never knew I needed this mashup in my life until now!
NASAs planned missions through 2030. Just a heads up NASA, I’m totally up for going on a manned mission to Mars…
10 Ways To Be More Popular (On Social Media) via Rock ‘n Roll Bride
♥ Making a reading list can be daunting. Or, if you’re like me, it can be tough to cut it down to just a few books! Amanda shares some things to keep in mind when picking books to create the perfect reading list.

Find any fun links lately?