Link Love


♥ Not sure if you should go digital? Strange & Charmed joins in on the iPad vs. Filofax debate
♥ Of Corgis and Cocktails styles an everyday Japanese schoolgirl look inspired by Haruhi Suzumiya
♥ Beautiful photos of midnight in Paris. How is it possible to miss a place you’ve never been?
Disney heroines as Sailor Scouts – I love this! (Ariel!)
♥ Happiness studies have always intrigued me, and Happify has been a great exercise in gauging my own. The science of achieving your goals is another reason why I love the incredible motivational community.
♥ Holy 90’s fashion: 19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting the Delia*s Catalogue
Librophile has free audio and eBooks
The problem with “chick lit”. I’m not a fan of the term myself. Your thoughts?
10 of Literature’s Most Unreliable Narrators

Any links up your sleeve?