Link Love


It’s been a while since I’ve done a “link love”, but even still, I’m finding my Evernote folder swamped with new and exciting sites! Rather than post links bimonthly, I’m thinking I’d like to turn link love into a more regular, weekly series. I’d like to know – when would you like a big ol’ helping of links to explore? Friday or Saturday, for some early weekend reading? Or Sunday, to wind-down with some fun reads? I’d really love to know!

18 Obsolete Words Which Never Should Have Gone Out of Style – resistentialism tops my list!
The Everygirl is one of my favorite reads, and just recently posted an incredibly helpful article on 2 Effective Strategies for Managing Stress (much needed, for a crazily stressed person like myself)
The Ocean at the End of the Lane (a book & marriage review) by Amanda Palmer is an incredible insight into the book and story from quite a different perspective – Neil’s wife!
♥ Speaking of Neil Gaiman, Casee Marie of Literary Inklings reviewed The Ocean at the End of the Lane as well, and can you tell that I’m trying to get your to read it yet!? Go! Go! Read! Enjoy!
♥ The many faces of the bride is adorable!
15 Facts That Prove Cat People Aren’t Crazy (They’re Awesome) My mother and I now send cat humor to each other; this was the latest offering
♥ These photoshopped book covers with one letter missing are genius (The Princess Brie had me giggling madly! I would totally read that)
♥ There’s been a lot of hubbub about internships with this Black Swan ruling and it’ll be interesting to see what it ultimately means for the unpaid internships.
♥ How to have a fun + fascinating conversation with ANYONE is probably the best advice ever.
♥ I have to admit, my city is pretty cool. Except the South Side slopes in the winter. Here’s 20 Cool Things About Pittsburgh!
5 Google Analytics Tips & Tricks for Bloggers
Alas, poor Stormtrooper! What if Shakespeare wrote Star Wars? aka I can’t turn down two of my favorite things smushed into one.
What does being negative even mean? Madelin is such a babe, and most of the time I feel like we’re on the same wave length!
♥ Ricky Gervais on the difference between American and British Humour
♥ Oh linguistic divides. Here are 22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak Totally Different English From Each Other. Mind BLOWN. Okay, maybe not that much blown.
♥ The Barnes & Noble blog has been a regular read of mine lately. Recently, they shared their favorite opening scenes in fiction – I’m on board with Wind-Up Bird Chronicle! What about you – what are your favorite opening scenes?
Insights That Will Get You Through Your 20s (and the rest of your life)
♥ A few weeks back I happened to catch an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and this segment had me howling.

This is awesome and adorable and I love it.
Whew! Didn’t mean to dump so much on you! Find any neat links lately?