Link Love


I don’t know where I got the idea in my head that I’d have trouble filling a post with inspiring and hilarious links on a weekly basis. Apparently, this was not so daunting a task as I first made it out to be. I’ve even tossed in a few links with nuggets of advice, just because I can (but mainly, silly things. Like a 12 foot wet Colin Firth). And so I present you with some end-of-weekend reading!

What does your handwriting say about you? I may or may not have spent a good 20 minutes this morning analyzing my own handwriting. I’ve got round, yet connected letters, and emphatically detailed dots on my ‘i’s that just scream compulsively logical and detail-oriented. What about you?
♥ Shauna of Nubby Twiglet shared her recap of The Blogcademy New York this week and Kat of Rock ‘n Roll Bride posted her Instagram video of The Blogcademy with her log as well. June Cochran’s photos from that day turned out so dreamy – I’ve been gushing all over them all week! Can The Blogcademy just happen every weekend?
Penguin Random House’s company history timeline is gorgeously designed. Though, I’m still disappointed they didn’t opt for the merged name, “Random Penguin”.
♥ I’m just going to let The Mary Sue’s headline do the talking here (really, it doesn’t get any better): There’s a 12 Foot Tall State of Colin Firth’s Wet Shirted Mr. Darcy Emerging From a Lake in Hyde Park. What a Time to Be Alive.
♥ This Alice in Wonderland-inspired wedding shoot is beautifully styled!
♥ I met Jasika of Two Back Flats at the Blogcademy, and she makes the most darling hats and headpieces, hands down!
♥ The lovely Alexis of Strange and Charmed has a list of the 5 Best iOSApps for Writers, especially since she’s usually working from her iPad herself. iPad or not, these still sound like awesome ways to organize and research articles (I’m especially excited to give Paper and MindGenius a whirl!)
♥ Between a trip to the States and two Blogcademy sessions, Kat has managed to keep her to do list and inbox at bay. And she’s sharing her secrets on How to Get Shit Done When You Have No Time At All (“A task will take as much time as you let it” – Yes. Yes, yes, and yes.)
Gala Darling danced naked in front of 13 women – hear how it changed her! (Even though I’d probably die of embarrassment, this sounds like an incredible experience!)

I wouldn’t expect anything less intense from Alan Rickman. Yet here he is, epically making a cup of tea. The whole clip is only about 11 seconds at original speed, but artist David Michalek has slowed each to a “glacial pace” for his series, Portraits in Dramatic Time.
Amuse me! What links have been keeping you occupied this week?