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♥ These famous authors’ handwritten outlines for great works of literature merge my love of organizational tactics and books. And who doesn’t want to see J.K. Rowling’s spreadsheet plan for Order of the Phoenix?
♥ This genderswapped Lord of the Rings cast is pretty amazing
♥ What it would look like if Earth had a ring like Saturn
♥ Shauna of Nubby Twiglet shares “2 Game Changers I Learned in Entrepreneurship Class“, and I can’t get enough of the idea that “you need to put your fears on a shelf, literally” to overcome them
Ship graveyards are so hauntingly beautiful…
♥ After seeing The Great Gatsby, I still can’t quite sort out my feelings, but I think this article from NPR sums it up pretty well: Loving Gatsby Too Much and Not Enough (thanks, Freckled Italian!)
♥ Pretty much all of these fantastically geeky crafts need to happen, pronto.
♥ Another interesting piece on The Great Gatsby
On turning left in Pennsylvania, which is a very delicate skill
♥ 15 Things You Can Do To Be Your Best Self Today
Literary Pokemon covers
♥ Since apparently I’m all about book covers this week, here’s some genderflipped book covers – a really interesting commentary!
♥ The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature
8 Game of Thrones Characters Who Are Better on TV – yes! I really love how talented these actors are, and how much they’ve made favorites of characters that I was “meh” towards in the books
♥ Speaking of Game of Thrones, and though I cringe to give these sorts of things more attention, this article on “Why Girls Hate Game of Thrones” was infuriating. I almost have no words…almost.
66 Behind The Scenes Photos from The Empire Strikes Back
10 Life Lessons from Pokemon

I don’t even know what to think! Can it please be September? My middle school self is freaking out.

Do we ever need a reason to post Jurassic Park-related things? Nope.

What fun things have you found around the web?