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Writers & Kitties – How did I get by before finding this site?

This latest collection of links is pretty reading-oriented, but there are some gems here!

Tea People vs. Coffee People. My friend sent me this, and I’m unashamedly a tea person xD
♥ Apparently this amazing Sailor Moon cosplay transformation from Anime LA is old, but nonetheless amazing.
♥ Stop apologizing for what you like to read. Really, just read!
♥ Two of my favorite things: Lord of the Rings and charts. That aside, this interactive project documents Tolkien’s works and is pretty incredible. You can track how many times a certain word has been mentioned across works (“Precious!”)
♥ I’m going to be crass for a hot second because this series of gifs of what it’s like to have your period as told by Batman had me rolling on the floor.
7 Tips to Love Where you Are Right Now from Tiny Buddha
♥ Wearing clothes that motivate you to workout is an important and often overlooked aspect of building a good fitness habit, I think.
♥ Virtual Library Brings Books to NYC Subway
The best places to be if you love books features some of the most stunning libraries and bookstores I’ve ever seen.
8 New and Necessary Punctuation Marks. I know many who could use the hemi-demi-semi colon.
14 Classic Albums Reimagined as Books
♥  Academic Study Examines the Link Between Gender Cues and In-Game Harassment
18 Points in Life It Would Be Nice to Reach. The lamenting college graduate in my is counting the days til any of these are plausible.
♥ Cover art has always intrigued me, from albums to books. Usually, I pick up a gorgeous album to discover a crap record inside, but I’m drawn in regardless. The Millions took a look at the US vs. UK book covers of some different editions and declared a winner.
♥ This “blind date with a book” idea sound like a blast! I’m not normally one for surprises, but this is one I could totally get behind 🙂
Book Seer could be a handy tool to help you discover your next choice in reading material!
♥ For all of you 30 Days of Listers: Thomas Edison’s to-do list, 1888

Are you a coffee or a tea person?