“Ganbatte, ne!”


This is the phrase I love to hate the most out of the entirety of the Japanese language. What kills me is that, despite sometimes being incredibly and ironically discouraging, more often than not it expresses the exact sentiment that is needed – “do your best!”

With the anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami earlier this month, this phrase just came to mind. It blows my mind that the same sentiment is so versatile to cover such an enourmous catastrophe as well as just the day to day. I tell my host sister “ganbatte” in regards to her schoolwork; our class is acknowledged for our hard work in learning the language with “ganbarimashita”; and now, especially of all times, it feels most relevant in my life. Just a few more weeks, a few more months to hang in there and give it my all so I can lean back one day and say 「あぁ疲れた。がんばりましたね。」and feel completely content from giving it my all.

And to Japan