Great Hall

I just now realized that I have a whole tag dedicated to ‘Harry Potter’ and have to wonder how much do I bring this up on a daily basis…

Every time the new term rolls around, I step into the Cathedral of Learning on Pitt’s campus and gawk at how much it looks like Hogwarts. And it doesn’t end there – with most of my classes and departmental to-do’s taking place in the building, every time I’m in it I’m fairly certain that I send out a tweet regarding how much the Cathedral looks like Hogwarts. It’s captivating apparently to the point where I forget that I mention it to someone every single day. Usually the same person. Twice.
But it is! Just look at it!
Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning Passageway

There are gigantic fireplaces on the main floor, hidden staircases tucked away in the corners, and just stepping into the main hall reminds me of, well, the Great Hall!

Cathedral of Learning
Cathedral of LearningCathedral of Learning

Too bad there’s no enchanted ceiling. And I still can’t find the entrance to Dumbledore’s study. 

  • OH MY GOD!!! I never read blog posts in GReader, I always USE GReader, but I click over so I can comment, etc. instantly. All I saw at first were the pictures and I seriously thought they were of Hogwarts. I mean, holy epic WOWNESS!

  • @Angie Hahaha — I wish it were truly Hogwarts, transplanted to Oakland, but alas, ’tis not ><;

  • Oh it does look like Hogwarts!

  • @Jessi Haha, I know! It fools me every time I go in for class.