Sunday, November 23, 2014

link love

♥ By now you've probably seen the Barbie Computer Engineer book saga, but watching it evolve over the week has been a treat: the original Barbie Computer Engineer book was embarrassingly sending the wrong message, then a PhD student rewrote the book to be awesome, and finally, the Barbie brand wrote an apology — a good, earnest apology.
Benedict Cumberbatch's Completely Random Opinion on Totally Random Things, because why not?
♥ JeeYoung Lee's creates the most dreamy landscape creations!
♥ With 2014's word of the year being 'vape', the topic of ever-changing language comes up often. So what do we love about new words?
♥ Someone recreated Final Fantasy VII as Little Big Planet 2 levels and it is wonderful! This person is my hero.
These 20 U.S. Cities Are Allowed to Complain About the Cold. #17. It already feels like January here. Until tomorrow, when it goes up to 63 degrees, whaaat?
♥ It's no surprise dystopian stories are all the rage right now, but what about the topics dystopian films won't touch?
Rockets, meet bicycles. Don't try this at home. Also, 1930s, you rock.
The original Empire Strikes Back included a Lando-Han-Leia-Vader DINNER PARTY! Can this please happen somehow?
♥ Overwhelmed and rushed? Do a stress assess.

What links are you loving this week?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I currently can't speak much louder than a whisper, and my throat feels like it's closing up. Here's to thinking I avoided sickness, but alas, no luck. I'm just happy that it's not a full-blown cold. Salt-water and cough drops are my best friends today, and I'm hoping to kick its butt, pronto! Good news for you is, my ability to speak and write are not connected, so here's TiLT!

Tonight is...Mockingjay (which makes me feel a bit better already)! My cousins and I have tickets to tonight's premiere and I cannot be more excited! It's become a November tradition over the past few years to all go together, and it feels like the last movie was forever ago, so we're pretty pumped!

♥ Thank you all for being so supportive of all the upcoming changes here on My Life as a Teacup! I'm finally feeling excited about blogging again, and just thinking about the things to come has made this out-of-nowhere blogging slump turn around already.

little loves
thoughtful cupcakes ♥ The Gobbler — the best Thanksgiving on a bun I've eaten! ♥ small towns that have local delis ♥ slipper socks ♥ dancing around the kitchen ♥ enough leftovers to last the whole week ♥ homemade chocolate chip cookies ♥ the most pleasant dinnertime conversation I've ever had, even if it didn't end the way I'd hoped ♥ practicing my lettering ♥ not having to walk in the cold ♥ snowflakes! ♥ cousin lunches ♥ the magical powers of salt water gargling
Another thing I'm thankful for? The return of 30 Days of Lists this December! I'm hosting another prompt and even have some craftiness of my own up my sleeve this round (and by craftiness I mean impromptu lunch bag-turned notebook). Join us this December!

What are you loving this week?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Giving Back Giveaway: A Blogger's Dream Tools

Every blogger has her go-to blogging tools, whether it's something to edit photographs, an app to schedule social media posts, or a good ol' notebook.

Kate's blog, Clear the Way is turning four this month and she's teamed up with a bunch of bloggers to celebrate by giving away a one year subscription to Adobe Photography Plan (which includes both Photoshop and Lightroom) as well as a year subscription to CoSchedule editorial calendar.

You have from now until midnight of December 3rd to enter this giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below. There are no mandatory entries. The contest is open internationally and one winner will be chosen at the end of the two weeks.

Make sure you check out all the bloggers co-hosting this giveaway and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A New Groove

Macbook "15
For the past few months I've been dropping hints about all of the changes that I had planned around these parts, and now the time has come! Or, it's at least on the horizon and I wanted to clue you all in.

My Life as a Teacup has been around for four, almost five years, and frankly, I just haven't been happy with blogging lately. Most days I felt completely uninspired to write, and when I would sit down at my computer, I couldn't help but feel like I was writing the same, content-less posts each week. Blogging became a chore, and not one that I looked forward to.

When I sat down and really looked at my content, I realized there wasn't much content there. Don't get me wrong — I still think gratitude lists are important, for instance, but frankly, my weeks aren't that interesting, and I'd rather provide you with content that will help you level up your literary bad self.

On top of it all, I realized I was posting almost every day of the week! Blogging was ruling my life, and not in a good way.

So I took a look at my posts and my editorial calendar, and asked myself, "Is this the best place for this content?" Then I made a list of things I want to write about, did some soul-searching, and felt a lot better about the type of resource this blog could become. Because let's face it: blogging ain't what it used to be!

What changes can you expect?
  • You won't see posts as frequently here on the My Life as a Teacup blog, but that's so that I can bring you more long-form essays, content-packed articles, and guides for reading, writing, and organizing.
  • Two features — For the Love of a Linguaphile and Things I Love Thursday — will be going away...
  • ...but not entirely. They'll be relocating to my new monthly newsletter, Inklings. You'll still be able to add (even more!) new words to your growing vocabulary, as well as see my personal gratitude list, but they'll be shorter, sweeter, and more to the point.
  • Inklings will also be the home to longer literary opinion pieces and tricks of the trade for avid readers, bloggers, and aspiring writers of all types. Subscribe to Inklings now so you don't miss all of the writing advice, hot topics, and freebies (and get the nifty "library wishlist" printable below!)
  • Smitten will be sticking around, but I'll also be introducing a new series in 2015 that focuses on frequently-asked grammar questions. Together we can eradicate Grammar Fails around the world! Or at least at your local grocery store. Maybe. 
  • My booktube channel will continue to host book reviews, reading tags, and other fun, literary topics. Stay in the know by subscribing to the My Life as a Teacup Youtube channel (I have a hunch your reading list will grow if you do!).
  • Starting in 2015, I'll be offering editing and writing consultation services! I'm still hashing out the details, but I'm super excited to be able to work one-on-one with you as you take on new projects, novels, classes, posts — you name it!
  • I've got an e-book in the works, and while it's still in its early stages, I'm excited to publish a resource and guide for all of your blog post-writing needs. If you've got any burning post-writing questions, send me an email and I'll be sure to address your question.
On the backend of things, I will be making the move to Wordpress within the next few months. I shouldn't need to take the site offline (thanks to a dear friend who helped fix the major problem I was having) and will be trying to keep the general chaos to a minimum.

These changes will be rolling out gradually; for instance, you'll still find For the Love of a Linguaphile posts here on the blog each Monday until the new year. But hold on to your hats, as before you know it, My Life as a Teacup will have a whole new look!
As a thank you during this chaos, I've created a free library book checklist for you to download! I know I'm constantly forgetting which books I plan to check out once I get to my local library, and so, taking inspiration from old library due date cards, I've created a list to help you organize your most wanted library books.

The 'Library's Most Wanted' printable comes in two sizes: an 8 1/2" by 11" full size, as well as a personal-size insert for your Filofax for a library list you can take with you at all times! Sign up for Inklings to download your copy (and pass it on!)

Is there something you'd like to see more of on My Life as a Teacup? 

Monday, November 17, 2014

For the Love of a Linguaphile v.130

Tired yet Restless
( via Colton Witt ) 

lassitude n.: fatigue, listlessness; a condition of being weary (via)

The students' lassitude was most evident after lunch, when it seemed as if every student had rested her head cheek-down on her desk.

For the Love of a Linguaphile is a weekly series celebrating the snazzy words we encounter, from those found in great literary works, to those pesky words that keep popping up in everyday life. Hopefully you can incorporate a new word into your vocabulary, or even share one of your favorite words!