Book Review: The Raven Cycle, Books 1 & 2

The Dream Thieves (Raven Cycle #2)

For as much as I enjoy young adult literature, there hasn’t been a novel in the genre lately that’s caused me giddy excitement. Like, hop on Tumblr excitement. Until The Raven Boys. The Raven Cycle is one of those series that you hear about, almost viral. It starts with one person gushing over it and before you know […]

The Transformative Power of Places

I always associate places with monumental, life-changing events. It’s like the photo library of my brain is organized not by album title, but by location. Boston, Hakodate, NYC, Boston again. Surely there’s some rule that says you must be on a trip—preferably alone—to have an epiphany. Why is it that other places, no matter how far […]

A Year Ago…

coffee productivity

Just over a year ago I was coming home from Boston. Yes, Boston in late winter. Not the best time to visit, but for a city I love, I’d do anything, especially when that anything meant a job interview. I had interviewed for a position with JET—teaching English in Japan. It doesn’t come up much […]